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Order La Cabrera’s Chuleton (Rib Steak) and Enjoy a Chicharrones Free

La Cabrera’s wide selection of complimentary sides makes the chuleton a more festive, convivial kind of dining experience. More than 10 hot and cold sides span countless tastes and textures, be it tangy balsamic mushrooms or a homey Argentinean appetizer care of the humita (corn baked with cheese and pimiento).

As these sides prove, satisfaction doesn’t simply rely on just steak. In fact, the best bites at La Cabrera aren’t strictly focused around the grill. Proof of this is the chicharrones, which diners get free for every chuleton ordered. Imagine pork belly deep-fried in its own fatty juices—a certified tasty intermission before you go on and savor the rest of your steak.  

Offer: Jun 01, 2017 - Aug 31, 2017

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Start Date Jun 01, 2017
End Date Aug 31, 2017
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