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Celebrate La Cabrera’s 3rd anniversary with Unlimited Pours of Malbec

With many rich and flavourful Argentine dishes to choose from, a storied meal at La Cabrera needs drink that’s just as impassioned to go with it. Of course, such festive dining is best complemented by Argentina’s celebrated wine: Malbec.

To be able to stand up to the delightful char and lusciousness of a steak or the spice of a chorizo, Malbec takes a bold step forward with its complexity in juicy berry notes.    

It’s wine that has captivating stories to tell in flavor. To celebrate three years of La Cabrera, diners can enjoy many a story told over wine through Malbec All-You-Can, a promo where you can enjoy all you can drink of La Cabrera’s house Malbec for 888 pesos.

With the promo running from July 17 to August 20, what better reason to get together with friends during the rainy season? A catch-up and outpouring paired with an endless pour of delicious vino

Offer: Jul 17, 2017 - Aug 20, 2017

Offer Food
Start Date Jul 17, 2017
End Date Aug 20, 2017
EXPIRED Days left

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