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Dim Sum Library’s innovative, young Hong Kong chefs, led by Dim Sum master, Chef Wah, combine international ingredients such as Iberico pork, truffle, foie gras and 24-hour slow cooked wagyu, with centuries-old Chinese recipes to present classic dim sum favouritesin a new light.  



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Dan Dan Xiao Long Bao


There are artfully restored and restyled main dishes perfect for dinner and for those with bigger appetites. Amongst the dishes on the menu are Foie Gras and Wagyu Beef Stone Pot Fried Rice, Yunnan Black Truffle Chicken with Crispy Skin and the super light CrispyAubergine Tossed with Salted Fish & Chinese Chives. 



Crispy aubergine tossed with salted fish & minced pork 


The young Hong Kong chefs skillfully include local ingredients such as the famous Tai O shrimp paste to keep the dishes grounded in Hong Kong tradition. Unlike a normal dim sum restaurant, Dim Sum Library is fronted by a stunning Chinoiserie cocktail bar.



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Blackened Rose Buds

Here guests can enjoy a full selection of classic cocktails, wines and spirits as well as bespoke Chinese tea cocktails – one of the favourites by mixologist Simone Rossi is Blackened Rose Buds a tempting infusion of Ketel One Vodka with jasmine tea, a dash of lemon and homemade rose cordial. The bar is a perfect place to enjoy an after work drink or take a break from the shopping delights of Pacific Place.



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Dim Sum Library Interior

For those who enjoy a game of Mahjong in the afternoon, the tables at Dim Sum Library’s Mahjong Parlour, discretely concealed at the rear of the restaurant, are a perfect place to play and meet friends over a glass of champagne or a tea cocktail.




One Thousand Years of Song 

Evoking the glamour and elegance of Chinese art deco style from the 1920’s, the interiors are inspired by Chinese birdcages.



Steamed Matsutake mushroom bao (HK$42).jpg

Steamed Matsutake mushroom bao

With four large murals of peacocks at the entrance and a collection of hand-painted garden birds from China and Europe adorning the walls, a vaulted cage ceiling and geometric silver-leafed mirrors, guests may feel they’re standing in a beautiful bird cage.



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Wagyu beef puff with black pepper 

Founder and creator of Aqua Restaurant Group, David Yeo says, “To me Dim Sum is an evolution of a great Chinese culinary tradition– and it fits how people now want to dine in Hong Kong. I wanted to create a beautiful but also warm and welcoming space where you would feel comfortable to drop by any time of the day, a place people can lunch, dine or just pop-in to for a casual and tasty snack at a reasonable price”.


The vibrant new restaurant is a casual, affordable place for lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and even a game of mahjong. Dim sum is served all day from 11:30AM until late on weekdays, and from 10:30AM on weekends. Lunch costs around HK$250 and dinner around HK$350 per person.

For more information or for reservations: Dim Sum Library, 124/Level 1 Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong | +852 3643 0088 | Dimsum Library Website | www.facebook.com/dimsumlibrary 

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